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A simple and elegant chair

The chair you can see is made to look like a car seat from old cars. It is very popular and it comes with an interesting coffee table.

Making the chair is easy and you will need time, basic tools and nothing more. Yes, you will need some skills that we can help you with.

Elegant white chairs

These chairs and the table are a bit more complex to make, but they are relatively simple once you have the skills needed.

On average you will need 5 hours to make the complete set and you will be impressed with the results.

Making anything from wood

If you like making things from wood, there are a few things to keep in mind. Having a lathe is more than just essential.

We must add that you do need safety gear and you need to wear it at all times when working with wood and when trying to make something.

Classic wooden chair

The chair here is time-consuming to make, but it is extremely comfortable, stylish and looks great.

You can place it literally anywhere in or outside your home and it will look just perfect. Try and you will see.

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