To Do List

Before I begin, you can check out the little back story (here) as to why  our to-do list is so BIG (as you shall soon see).

Entry & Hallway Projects

We did some work recently on the entry, but it’s pretty blah right now. We had the glass block next to the door replaced with a large single pane window and the door is only about 2 years old. We only really need to accessorize. I like how it looks so far, we just gotta add a little life to it.

  • Make 2 mats (1 indoor/1 outdoor)
  • Build a shoe rack to hide the shoe mess
  • Key/purse/coat hanger
  • Put in some shelves  Check out our Pipe and Salvaged Wood Shelves
  • Light up the hallway and create a gallery wall
  • Replace the flooring & baseboards
  • Add a window treatment to the front entry window
  • Hang a modern chandelier to replace the boring one we have
  • Add recessed lights to the hall


Upstairs Hallway Projects

This is pretty much a blank slate, not much going on there.

  • Remove carpeting rand replace with wood or just paint the floor. Haven’t decided yet.
  • Replace the baseboards
  • Spruce up the existing bookshelf or create a new one
  • Get some art on the walls
  • Remove the popcorn ceiling and add recessed lights

Stair Project

The Stairs are a work in progress, slow progress but progress none the less.

  • Paint the stairs – We not so recently removed the carpet on the stairs, which was disgusting and beyond help. The painting will have to wait until we finish all the work upstairs (we should have planned it better and left the carpet and done the stairs last, oh well you live and you learn.
  • Replace the stairway baseboard moulding


Kitchen Projects

We haven’t done anything to the kitchen other than painting the walls.

  • Revamp the cabinet doors
  • Remove the trim above the cabinets and fill the space above with shelves or cabinets
  • Replace or refinish countertops
  • Remove unused desk nook and add cabinets.
  • Remove vertical blinds and add pretty curtain or shade
  • Add metallic film to dishwasher
  • Remodel pantry (new shelves, doors and organize)
  • Change out all the lighting and also add hanging pendants
  • Change flooring and baseboards
  • Change the cabinet and drawer pulls
  • New faucet that pulls out
  • Replaster Ceiling – It’s a mess. Needs to be redone.

Laundry “Room” Projects

It’s not so much a room as it is a closet in the kitchen with a washer and dryer in it.

  • Replace shelving and organize
  • Eventually replace the washer and dryer


Living Room Projects

The living room is really a transitional space, it started off with a ton of furniture that we finally got rid of (we had 3 couches in a 12’x12′ space!). We got an IKEA sectional which set us back $900, but it’s huge. And we needed that, we have both have large families.

  • Accessories – We have a ton of these, a lot are orange which I’m getting rid of and changing to a muted yellow
  • Replace broken loveseat and add pillow to the sectional
  • Replace the legs on the sectional
  • Style the bookshelf
  • Rearrange and revamp the wall art
  • Get a new tv cabinet
  • Curtains – We need some
  • Moulding – I finally figured out what we were missing, moulding around the windows
  • Get rid of the popcorn ceiling
  • Install some recessed lighting
  • Revamp the ceiling fan and add a light
  • Get modern sliding glass doors
  • Get a flat screen tv

Dining Room Projects

The dining room is half way there, only problem is it’s the easy half. We still got lots to do.

  • Redo the dining chairs
  • Add a wall of plates
  • Finish making the wine bottle holders
  • Refinish and reupholster the found dining chairs
  • Build the buffet
  • Add some art to the walls
  • Make and revamp accessories for the buffet
  • Revamp the Chandelier
  • Change the baseboards and flooring
  • Add an area rug
  • Remove the popcorn ceiling and Add recessed lights


Half Bath

This is the small 1/2 bath off of the downstairs hallway.

  • Change the faucet
  • Change the baseboards and floor
  • The frame around the mirror needs to be repainted.
  • New toilet seat- we just changed the toilet innards recently and now have a water saving toilet for just $25. Check it out here.
  • Revamp the vanity


Master Bedroom Projects

The Master Bedroom is under way; we painted it, got a king sized bed, curtains, two new night stands and lamps. But it still has a long way to go.

  • Replace the old carpet
  • New baseboards
  • Revamp the dressers
  • Paint the small chest of drawers
  • Add fabric to the lampshades
  • Ceiling fan – with some paint it will be good as new.
  • Add a cushion to the bench
  • Add some wall art
  • hang the mirror
  • Get rid of the broken vertical blinds
  • Install an awesome closet system.
  • Change out the closet doors
  • Remove the popcorn ceiling and add some ceiling lighting

Master Bath Projects

We just finished a mini remodel in the Master bath vanity area, but there’s still so much to do.

  • Refinish or replace the tub, whatever cheaper
  • Change the wall and floor tiles
  • Enclose the bathroom from the bedroom
  • Add decor to the walls
  • Replace the baseboards
  • Replace the flooring
  • Replace the shelves, change the door and reorganize the linen closet
  • Add legs to the vanity


Guest Bedroom Projects

This rooms pretty well on it’s way to being done. Last Earlier this year we painted, added curtains, added art to the walls and changed the bedding (total $80 – way more than I would have liked to have spent but includes everything; sheet set, shams and duvet cover – plus I live the pattern).

  • Add new curtains
  • Make a headboard
  • Replace carpet and baseboards
  • Revamp ceiling fan and add a light
  • Create wall art
  • Remove the popcorn ceiling and add recessed lights
  • Replace the vertical blinds

Guest Bath Projects

We also tackled this room in last years mini remodel. We removed the outdated mirrored medicine cabinet and replaced the awful hollywood-style vanity lights. You know the ones that have 6 white large bulbs in a silver box. The bathroom had a blue and white faux finish on the walls, which I liked, it reminded me of the beach. But once we removed the cabinet and lights there was no paint behind, so it had to go. Since it was a faux finish I didn’t realize how badly plastered the walls were until after I painted. That takes us to the:

Bathroom To do’s:



Presently our garden looks abandoned; it hasn’t rained for what seems like months and there was a cold front recently but primarily it’s because  we really havent been taking care of it. Aside from resuscitating most of the plants we also have some plans for the garden.

Front Garden

  • Finish the cushions
  • Add recycled glass to the front and replant mondo grass to the back
  • Get heat resilient plants for the front gate
  • Replace the broken round stepping stone pavers

Back Garden

  • Add some outdoor curtains
  • Change the light to a chandeliers
  • Finish the cushions
  • Make a new outdoor mat
  • Add Ikea-like wood pavers


We have some many plans for each room in the house and so many projects that I need somewhere to organize my ideas and thoughts. This is a master to do list of sorts, including every single project we plan to tackle organized by room. This way I can keep track of our progress and have one central place (instead of on a million post-its) to jot down every new and old idea that pops into my head. I will update each project as it’s completed.

Doing all this work could get very expensive and we definitely don’t want that. We plan to spend as little as possible without sacrificing quality or looks. How will we do this? you ask. Well, we plan to recycle as much of the old as we can, buy only the necessary items we need, rummage through garage sales, shop thrift stores and get as many free curbside goodies as we can find. And most important of all, do all the work ourselves (well as much as we possibly can). Weve’ already started so…..