Stylish Outdoor Pallet Furniture

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Want to create an outdoor room, but the budget just isn’t there? Outdoor  seating can get pretty pricey, especially if you want something like a couch. So, why not just make it yourself? Ok, you’re probable thinking I’m crazy. How are you going to make an outdoor couch? Well, not only can it be done but it’s pretty easy too…

One of the latest trends is making outdoor pallet furniture out of discarded shipping pallets. It’s a win-win situation; we get to make something beautiful (and inexpensive) out of something that would otherwise end up in the dump.

 diy pallet outdoor sectional

I like how cozy and effortless this small sectional (from Re-nest) looks but pretty at the same time. It looks so easy to make and the best part is that it has its own back.

diy pallet outdoor sectional 1

Another great piece of outdoor pallet furniture that you can make, is s sectional. It’s cool how you can make an entire sectional from pallets, can you imagine how much the real thing would cost? Plus you can fit all your friends in a small space. Find it at Re-nest.


diy pallet outdoor couch

Isn’t this pink couch beautiful? If it weren’t for the pallet peeking out the bottom, you wouldn’t be able to tell this was made from a pallet. I guess you could cover the hole up with a board, but then again it would lose its charm. Check this out at Prudent Baby, it was part of a beautiful backyard makeover.

diy pallet outdoor bench

You wouldn’t be able to tell this was made from a pallet, unless someone told you. You can find an extremely detailed tutorial for this amazing and pretty deconstructed pallet bench over at Funky Junk Interiors.

If you’re considering making one of these amazing pieces of pallet furniture, try to get pallets that are non pressure-treated. I read an interesting article about how pressure treated wood may contain arsenic and other harmful chemicals, It was aptly called DIY Shipping Pallet Patio Furniture…and How to Not Die From It.


Stylish Outdoor Pallet Furniture — 4 Comments

  1. Love this collection of repurposed pallet furniture! It makes me want to go grab a hammer and start working on creating. I love the first photo (L-shaped couch) the best.

  2. Arsenic is no longer allowed in pressure treated wood. Using untreated lumber like these pallets are made of is like making furniture just for looks. They break and rot easily, and bugs just love them.

    • I made a table out of a pallet 4 years ago and it has been outside every day since then. I won’t say it still looks great, because it’s a chair made from a pallet, but it doesn’t look any worse.