Small Wall Garden vs Vertical Garden Wall

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If you don’t have a large wall available in your garden for a garden wall, then you can easily create a wall garden. You may be asking, what’s the difference? Well a garden wall or more correctly living wall is a basically a large hanging vertical wall of plants which is self-sufficient. and which cannot be easily moved.

A small wall garden is a smaller version of this, It’s not completely self-sufficient but can be more easily moved around as needed.

This pretty pallet wall garden is actually housed on a balcony and takes up maybe a couple of feet of floor space. So as you can see, you can still have a garden in the tiniest of spaces. Check out how to make it on Life on the Balcony.

*Remember to use heat-treated pallets instead of chemically treated ones if you are going to use edible plants.  You can tell which pallets are heat-treated by the symbol HT stamped somewhere on the side.

pallet wall gardenSource

This next one uses pieces of scrap wood to create a wonderful little picture frame garden. This is more of a mix between a wall garden and a garden wall.


Although this is from a garden shop it still shows you some great sizes and shapes of hanging wall garden boxes that you can create yourself. What makes it look so good are the different shapes created with the boxes. The succulents also add fullness and character to the scene.

succulent wall gardenSource

Yeah I know this one’s more complex and not easily movable. But it still can be moved around and actually rearranged to create new designs when you want. Since it’s modular, you can create any shape or size you like. Read more about this cool garden at Urban Gardens.



You can end up having a pretty interesting and versatile little  wall garden that you can enjoy just as much as a massive living garden wall.


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  1. These are beautiful.. Thanks for sharing.Succulents are so interesting and different.