Small Space Storage Ideas

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If you live in a small home like us, you know storage space is at a premium. No matter how many times I organize and get rid of stuff, I still don’t have enough space. I sometimes think all my problems would be solved and the world would be a better place if I just had a little more storage space.

While looking for some small space storage ideas I found these creative storage solutions:

Great idea to store all your little knick knacks in used jars. Just screw them to the underside of your shelf.


Really cool idea, except I’m not to crazy about the book covers. Perhaps covering them in pretty craft paper? Or just in white.


Here’s an alternative to storing your wrapping paper in a box under the bed, which I’m guilty of. I know storing stuff under your bed is a great solution but I really don’t like doing it. It collects dust, even though it’s out of sight I still know I have a mess under the bed and it’s supposed to bring bad chi.

This way you can keep your wrapping paper out of sight and easily accessible.

unusual wrapping paper storageSource

Here’s a small space storage idea for wine lovers. Interesting way to store wine, you could catalogue it by year, brand or  type.

unusual wine storage


I found a bunch of under stair small space storage ideas, these are the ones I found most interesting.

understair storage

I love the whole look of this, very pretty and well put together.

unusual under stair storage Source
unusual shoe storage Source

This would be a perfect place to store our bikes, if the bathroom weren’t in the way.
unusual bike storage


So, If you’ve already exhausted your all your regular storage options; closets, cabinets etc. you can try some of these out for size. They just go to show that you can always squeeze out a little more space in a small home.

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