Roll Out Vegetable Garden

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The Roll Out Vegetable Garden designed by Chris Chapman is an all in one simple vegetable garden or herb garden. It was created with busy families in mind, who don’t have hours to spend on planting and growing a vegetable garden.

roll_out_vegetable garden

His aim was to provide a fun solution that will get them gardening with little effort while saving them money and the environment all at the same time. The whole unit is biodegradable and will slowly breakdown over time as the plants grow.

The Roll Out Vegetable Garden is a self-contained unit which comes with organic fertilizer and a seed mat. The fertilizer, which is contained on the underside of the mat slowly leaches into the soil over time. This allows for automatic feeding of the growing plants as they need. It also prevents root burn which commonly occurs when too much fertilizer is applied.

Pre-labelled wood garden markers are also provided for easy identification as the plants grow.

roll_out_instant vegetable gardenIt is easy to use; just roll out the mat on top of your soil, water as needed and watch it grow. It is compact enough that it can be grown in containers or directly planted into the ground if more space is available.


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  1. This is such a great idea! I am someone who is looking to get in to growing my own food as I think it’s important to be as self sustainable as possible in these days but just didn’t know where to start. This could definitely help get me started.