How to remove paint from hardware

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remove paint from hardware

Ok, so I finally got around to refinishing the new(ish) dressers we bought about 8 months ago. Where does the time go?! The hardware was not in great condition and they were a dark brass color. I wanted more of a gold.

old painted hardwareI looked online for an easy way to paint over them. But soon realized (by other’s trial and error) that I was going to have to remove the existing finish if I didn’t want them to start chipping after a while.

Most of the ways to do this involved using nasty chemical strippers of some sort of manual scrubbing (I don’t think so). I finally found this solution ; boil them in vinegar!

In the pot they went…

How to remove paint from hardware

Here are some tips:

  • Use an old stainless steel pot that you can throw away after (probably not a good idea to cook with this pot again since the paint could contain lead)
  • Open the windows and turn on the exhaust fan (boiling vinegar stinks!)
  • Try plain water if you can’t stand the vinegar (I didn’t try it, but it probably works just as well)

boil hardeware to remove old paint

I didn’t turn the heat down like it said, I just let it boil (I’m impatient what can I say). I left them in there for about 15 minutes and this is what happened…how to remove paint from hardware

remove paint from hardware

The old paint just feel right off, no scrubbing required. Some though, did have to go in for a second boil to remove the stubborn spots.

They will probably still have a little residue in the crevices, but you can brush that off with an old toothbrush.

easily remove paint from furniture hardware

There you go easy as pie 🙂


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