Pipe Decor

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Ever since I saw the episode of Hi-Lo Project (one of my favorite shows btw) where they make a huge bookshelf out of pipes and reclaimed wood. I fell in love with the idea of pipe decor. If you haven’t seen the episode you can watch the condensed version here.


Here’s a similar version using just pipes and wood to create a beautiful shelf.

pipe bookcase


Now that I look at this I am so loving it. One of the things on our living room to-do list is to add a large media/tv cabinet with lots of shelves, but now I think this would be extremely cool to make. And probably a lot cheaper than a brand new media cabinet.

So I’ve been thinking how else to incorporate some other pipe decor into the living room if the pipe media shelf idea falls through. I haven’t decided yet but I love the idea of using it as a curtain rod like this one…

plumbing drape1


I think this would be a great solution for us since we have a long sliding door and need a curtain rod that spans 13′. Which I don’t think they even make and getting one custom-made would cost mucho dollars.

I also got this cool shelf from instructables.com in my inbox, which is actually why I’m writing this post. It was just too cool not to share. Something like this only larger would look great upstairs at the top of the landing.

pipe bookshelf

We could also use some pipe decor in the kitchen to hang utensils or towels.

pipe towel rack


Or finally, use it in the closet as a clothes rod. That puppy ain’t going nowhere (I actually had an overloaded clothes rod fall on me once).

pipe closet rod


The possibilities for pipe decor are endless, but I better stop before I get lead poisoning. I know, that was pretty bad.

Update: Finally got my very own pipe decor, check it out here.


Pipe Decor — 6 Comments

  1. I LOVE the bookshelves!!! A friend of mine used copper pipes to make trellises for some vines in her backyard, and I have always loved them. I am so into the industrial look!

  2. That clothes rod is exactly what I’m looking for. Is there a tutorial for it? or a bigger picture with the whole shelve above it? That would really help me since my tiny apartment doesn’t have a closet and I’m still living out of my suitcase…Many thanks!