Front Door Halloween Decorating Ideas

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I hate to say it but it’s almost fall again. Ok, where did the year go?

Fall is my absolute favorite time of year. Maybe its childhood memories of Halloween or the fact that there’s a small chill in the air. Or maybe, it’s the sheer thought of all that amazing Thanksgiving food and my yearly serving of turkey that makes me smile and anticipate the season. Nothing gets me more into the fall spirit than driving around my neighborhood and enjoy all the beautiful and spooky front door Halloween decorations. Cause you know, when those are up it’s officially Fall.

Here are some front door Halloween decorating ideas to get you into the spirit. It’ easy and fun to create a Spooky Front Entry like this one. All you need are some Halloween basics.

spooky halloween orange and black front porch

Dress up your front door with some bat decals or a spooky tree decal like the one above.

Make a DIY Boo Sign and hang it up on an old ladder next to the front door.

halloween boo sign

Have guests enter your home in ‘scary’ style with this easy diy Skull Doorknocker.

skull halloween door knocker

There’s just something so pretty and elegant about Black and White Pumpkins. I wish you could leave them up all year-long. They are really easy to make and you could even paint the stem gold or silver to make them even more glammy.

black and white painted-pumpkins

These Crows and Pumpkins  make a cute welcome sign holder. If you can’t find any crows, you can get them here: black crows.

diy pumpkin and crow halloween decoration

These Vampire Pumpkins are so cute and scary at the same time. Is that even possible?

vampire-pumpkins hallooween

You’re definitely going to need some Embellished Pumpkins. Some glow in the dark paint would make these even cooler!

glow in the dark embellished pumpkin

If you really want to get gory make one of these man-eating pumpkins. Stuff an old long sock or stocking with batting then dress it up with a pant leg and a shoe. Don’t forget to throw in some fake blood in for the full effect.

leg eating pumpkinLeg Eating Pumpkin

To make your own barrel o’ bones, get your hands on some real or faux skeleton bones (your choice really) and ‘bury’ them in a regular garden wheel barrel.  If you don’t have one you could also use a wooden box.

skeleton bones in wheelbarrowBones In A Barrel

Make some spooky Cheesecloth Ghosts to line your driveway or walkway. For an added spooky effect you could light them from underneath with landscape lights or flameless candles.

diy outdoor halloween cheese cloth ghosts

This has to be the most realistic ghost I’ve ever see. Check out how to make your own Floating ghosts.

diy floating ghost

I love these Chicken Wire Ghosts, they’re almost sculptural. The picture tutorial they isn’t that great, but I imagine shaping chicken wire can’t be that difficult.

ghost outdoor  silhoutte from chicken wire

In order to make this whimsical upside down witch decoration, get some Plush Witch’s Legs and place them in a garden urn with some moss and leaves.

witch legs outdoor halloween decorationWitchy Legs

Create a realistic bat swarm with these diy Felt Bats.

felt bats outdoor halloween decor

Last but not least. It’s not Halloween without some DIY Foam tombstones to greet your guests as they walk up to the front door.

diy outdoor tombstone

How are you going to decorate your front entry for Halloween?

Want some more outdoor Halloween decorating ideas?


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