Organizing Up A Storm {AKA My New Craft Closet Project}

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It always seems that when I’m going to organize and move stuff in one area of the house, I can’t begin until I move and organize in another area. I literally have a huge mess of craft supplies on and all around the dining table, cause that’s where I craft. We live in a townhouse so we don’t have any extra room for a craft room or area. But I really need to find a central location for all my supplies, so I don’t have to go crazy looking for stuff all over the house, whenever I want to make something.

This is embarrassing but this is my mess… The dining table acts my computer desk, home office, storage space and craft center. The only thing it’s not used for is eating, we actually eat on tray tables in front of the tv.

(BTW the bottle front and center isn’t part of my crafts, it’s fish flakes. My cat goes nuts for them!)

I started brainstorming and realized we have a totally underutilized closet (full of junk) in the upstairs hallway. It’s a good size and would be a perfect place to a craft closet to house all my crafting supplies.

The only problem is that it’s full of stuff that should actually be in other places of the house. But all those other places and closets need to be organized first before I can put new stuff into them.

Plus the shelves are falling apart, the piece of wood in the middle is supposed to be helping to hold up the shelves. But it’s really only holding up the top one. So really all the shelving has to go. And since that’s the case I might as well reconfigure it. wink!

I made up a list of craft closet must have’s to keep me on track:

1. Ribbon, twine and jute Storage

2. Desk that expands, so I can work on larger projects and even sew on it

3. An area for in process and future projects

4. Pen, pencil, marker and brush storage cups

5. Pretty Craft Paper storage

6. Brown craft paper storage, I’ll use it to cover the table so I don’t damage it

7. Peg board for hanging supplies neatly

8. Magnetic board and cork board

9. Somewhere to keep my project to do list

10. Curtains (instead of the ugly bi-fold doors) to close off the area when not in use

11. Inspiration file folders, where I can put magazine clippings

12. Plenty of boxes for hidden storage

13. Sewing supply storage

14. General project supply storage

Craft Closet Inspiration

To inspire me to get to all that quicker I made a collection of some of my favorite organized spaces. I hope to incorporate some of these ideas into my future craft center. Yay, I can’t wait.

pretty blue craft closetTip Junkie

craft closetReal Simple

Closet Offce-

Desk closet StorageI heart organizing

pretty craft storageBHG 

glam craft storage closetPBTeen 

colorful craft storageScrap books etc 

peg board craft stationBHG

We’ve been feverishly working on getting rid of stuff in all the closets in order to free up space for the new craft closet. So I’ll soon be getting to work on it. Oh, and you know I’ll be using those awesome $1 shelves I got at IKEA!


Organizing Up A Storm {AKA My New Craft Closet Project} — 5 Comments

  1. Oh those organised home office areas are so pretty. I would love to have something like that too. But I can’t help but wonder if it really works irl – in pictures they always have so little stuff. Real people like me have lots of stuff =)

    • I know what you mean, I have so many things I’m going to have to stuff into my tiny 10 square foot area. But I think if you make it pretty you’ll want to keep it organized, right?

  2. I’ll be waiting to see how this. Ones outs I am in the same boat as you! I have too much stuff and no room. We eat in front of the tv too, and I still have spillover into my bedroom of craft supplies! I hope this works!

  3. Sorry, I didn’t read before I hit the button and auto correct did some weird things. . . LOL! I was trying to say I would be waiting to see how this works out. . .

  4. its time to break all bad habits of throwing things on the floor or hanging them in the wrong spot or just shoving items in the closet. It’s time to learn to put them away properly. You might need to encourage yourself, and your family, to get in this habit by leaving post it notes and having a nightly inspection until the good habits become routine.