Natural DIY Tree Ornaments

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Here is a quick roundup of some great DIY nature inspired holiday tree ornaments you can make yourself.

Glitter acorns…pretty! Get the tutorial here.

ornament diy acorn{Source}

 natural ornaments diy


natural ornaments diy xmas trees


natural ornaments diy pine cone{Source}

natural ornaments diy lavender{Source}

natural ornaments diy dragonfly{Source}

natural ornaments diy chrsitmas tree{Source}


Natural DIY Tree Ornaments — 9 Comments

  1. I love the natural look that is so popular for Christmas decorating his year. It is inexpensive and so beautiful. Great finds-thanks for sharing them!

    I have posted about some of my favourite Christmas tablescapes-please pop by if you have 5 minutes to spare!

    Best wishes,

  2. Garden ornaments are a fabulous way of adding some of your personality to your garden design and the vast choice of garden statues means that you can create your own personalized haven.

  3. Really awesome idea on utilizing trees as a wonderful ornaments. These garden ornaments are unique and provide a natural look to your backyard and garden. I like all garden ornaments mention in this article.

  4. Did I miss the instructions for the acorn cap ornaments? What are the acorn caps attached to, a styrofoam ball? They are so nice looking that I would like to make some, please tell me where I can get the instructions.

  5. Wow ! All the natural ornaments really makes your garden’s environment natural. Really love to use these ornaments in my garden so that anyone when enter in the garden get surprised.