Magazine Christmas Tree

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tree magazineHere’s a quick and easy project you can do in front of the tv. Take an old magazine you no longer want and turn it into a magazine Christmas tree.

Magazine Christmas Tree


Packing tape roll


Open the magazine to the back page and begin folding each page one by one using the steps below moving  towards the front page.

magazine tree step 1

magazine tree step 2You may need to adjust how much you fold in this part depending on how long and wide your magazine is.

magazine tree step 3magazine tree step 4

magazine tree step 5

The tree will begin forming on it’s own.

magazine tree

Keep going until you reach the front page. Then do the same thing with the front and back covers.

For the base I used a roll of packing tape with a ribbon wrapped around it. But you can use anything you already have as a base; candle stick, small cake stand. upside down martini glass, pretty gift box…

magazine treemagazine christmas tree

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Magazine Christmas Tree — 15 Comments

  1. I made a couple of these out of Reader’s Digests when I was a kid. I think it was a Camp Fire Girls project. It taught me patience… I started so fast but then I thought I would never get the second one finished! I remember seeing one on top of the piano at my Grandma’s house.
    Thanks for the nostalgic reminder.

    • Isn’t it great how some things bring back memories? And I totally know what you mean (wink) that’s why I only made one.

  2. I love this – I, too, made one as a child. I was thinking i would make another for the tree collection on my mantle and I have a reader’s Digest all ready to fold…thanks for the great reminder of a by-gone craft. (:

  3. I love this idea! I am always looking for fun ways to repurpose things (especially magazines) and I’ll definitely be giving this one a try. Thanks for sharing!

  4. This may seem like a silly question, but how do you attach the spindle together at the end? Do you just use glue?

    • Oh, it’s not a silly question. I was wondering the same thing when I started. But actually the whole thing becomes so full that all the pages push against each other and you won’t need to use anything to hold it together. But then again I used a pretty thick magazine (about 150 pages). If you use a thinner magazine you may need to hold it together with glue at the end if you have a large gap.

  5. Oh yeah, we used to use the old Sears & Eaton catalogues to make these with my great-aunt — she used them as door stops. Thanks for a wonderful memory boost, Jacky

  6. Oh! I wish I had seen this tutorial a few weeks earlier. I made these trees as gifts for Christmas, and tore each page out and glued them all back together. It was folded a bit differently, but the result was the same. It looks like the magazine you used was stapled together and I used thick Martha Stewart magazines that were glued at the spine; I wonder if that would make a difference. Instead of using a base, I glued a small round or star-shaped Christmas ornament into the tip.

    • Oh my, I can’t imagine removing and gluing each page. It’s hard to tell but I think my magazine was glued. But I don’t think it would make a difference either way. It sounds like your trees came out wonderful and what a great idea to give them as gifts. I might borrow that idea next year 🙂

  7. This brings back memories of 7th grade Home Ec class. Mrs Lincoln showed us how to do this, but after she created the tree she spray-painted the entire thing with gold spray paint. Fun project!