Jute Wrapped Recycled Bottles

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jute wrapped bottles-001I’ve been collecting most of the food glass bottles that we’ve used for a couple of months now. You know, just in case (you never know, there might some sort of emergency that requires a glass bottle).  It started with my nut butter bottles, I actually have a project in mind for those. Then the Bertolli sauce bottle are just so cute and the grated cheese ones have such a pretty detail one the bottom. Oh, but wait that coke bottle is so retro…

Needless to say, we I now have a mini stock pile of bottles on the kitchen counter. Poor hubby, everyday he asks me “which one of these do you not need?” And I of course say none, “I need them all silly”.

I am happy to report I am no longer collecting bottles and have started working my way through the pile. Today I bring you a free (if you have jute) and easy little project; jute wrapped recycled bottles.

recycled bottles and supplies
Jute Wrapped Recycled Bottles

You’re going to need:

Glass bottles of your choice


White glue

Glue gun

First off, remove the stickers. Although, you could probably leave them on there. No one would ever know. I opted to remove mine, didn’t want them peeking out from behind the jute. Just peel as much of the label that you can and soak them in water. Within minutes the rest of the paper will peel right off.

removing stickers from bottles
To remove the glue residue use some rubbing alcohol on a napkin and rub it all off.
jute wrapped recycled bottles tutorial1. Use the glue gun to stick the end of the jute to the bottle, do it a little higher than where your going to begin the first line of jute.

2. Start wrapping. Try to keep the jute line level.

3. Keep pushing the jute down tightly as you wrap around. You can add a little regular white glue to the glass as you’re going along to help hold the jute in place when it dries.

4. If you have any strange indentations or curves on the bottle use the hot glue to hold it on, or else it will slide off. When you get to the end of the bottle use hot glue for the last two rows, so it will hold tight.

You can get as creative as you want here. Wrap them all the way up or leave them half wrapped. I wanted a little variety so I wrapped each one differently.

recycled bottles with jute

jute wrapped bottles

There they are, my jute wrapped recycled bottles sitting pretty in my craft closet 🙂 I added a leftover flower from the coffee filter flowers I made recently, just to pretty them up.



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Jute Wrapped Recycled Bottles — 20 Comments

  1. Oh boy, now I have to start saving glass jars & bottles…..actually, I was already on that bandwagon, but haven’t tried the jute-wrap, yet! They look very “Pottery Barn-esque!” Thanks for sharing.

  2. isn’t it funny the things we save “just in case”. hahahah
    I like the two on the left the best… hard to decide which of those is my favorite.
    great project!

    • I love your vases, very cute! I’ve got a vase I’ve been eyeing for this, now I may just do it.

  3. These are so fun! I love the different shapes! I often save my jars (knowing I can use them for something). I’ll ahve to try this! Thanks for linking up to our first PTT party! Hope you’ll come back next week!