Incidental DIY Painted Barcode Rug

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I didn’t plan this at all, but I painted myself a barcode rug by accident.

The carpet inside the craft closet wasn’t nearly as in bad shape as the one in the hall, it just didn’t jive with my new craft room decor. So we ripped it out. Painless process, but the plywood underneath needed some help. We plan on eventually changing out the carpet on the second floor (where the crafty command center happens to be). But until then I had to do something to make it look decent.

I had a lot of white paint left over plus I only used about half the tester paint for the stencils. So white and blue for the floor it was. I had a modern and stylish stripped rug in mind for this guy.

There’s the before shot, it was seriously in need of help.

craft closet floor before

Gave it a quick coat of white and then let it dry for a few weeks. I needed motivation people, give me a break!

white craft room floor

Once the second coat was dry I laid out my painter’s tape. I didn’t want to go all the way to wall with the stripes so it would have a floating rug effect. So I left about 2 inches from the walls and the stripes on all sides. Tapped it off in a random very artist pattern. Ok, I wasn’t in the mood to measure, but I do think it gave it a cool effect.

using painters tape to paint stripes

I’s hard to tell in the picture but I painted over the edges of the painter’s tape to prevent bleeding later when I painted over with the blue.

Here’s my trusty helper cat ‘helping’ me with project.

diy barcode rug before

After I cleaned up all the white pawprints off the carpet I was ready to start with blue.

Just gave it a couple of coats, waited for it to dry a little and pulled off the tape expecting to find perfect lines. Well that didn’t happen.

The trick of painting over the tape with the base color generally works really well, but not this time. The tape didn’t really stick very well to the floor to begin with and the fact that the floor is full of grooves and bumps didn’t help either.

It wasn’t to big of deal though, most of the lines were perfect and I painted over the bleedy parts with the white a couple of times.

And voila, the floor is done.

When I pulled off the tape I expected to find a modern and sophisticated rug pattern, but what did I get? A barcode!!

I realize now it’s the way I tapped it off the wall and the fact that I also followed the shape of the walls that make it look like a barcode rug. Not at all the look I was going for but…

The more I look at the more I’m digging it. I think it’s kinda funky and fun. And isn’t that what a craft room should be?

Check out what else I’ve done in the craft closet.

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Incidental DIY Painted Barcode Rug — 10 Comments

  1. I think you did end up with a modern and sophisticated rug. I mean who else has one! Love it! Thanks for sharing your creative inspiration with Sunday’s Best – you helped make the party a success!