Dreaming of a White Christmas

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I grew up in south Florida, so I’ve never really enjoyed a full winter of snow, except for the year we lived in New Jersey and the vacations to snowy destinations.

I always felt it just wasn’t Christmas without snow or at lest a nip in the air. It’s been unusually warm this year, I just realized while writing this that I haven’t even opened up my sweater drawer. So I will just have to dream through images, as I sit in 80 degree weather.

So I’ll share some lovely winter scenes for those of you, who like me, are enjoying a warm christmas, wishing they had some snow.

winter tudor homeSource

winter scene at nightSource

winter homeSource

winter log cabinSource

winter home sceneSource

winter home beautifulSource

What a cute idea! Sit outside, watch the snow fall and have a picnic.

hot chocolate on the porchSource

Wow, I’m feeling a bit cold from looking at all the beautiful snowy scenes, I think it’s time to turn down the a/c and have some hot chocolate.

hot chocolate


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