DIY Terrarium

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Terrariums are beautiful and according to Better Homes and Gardens, are one of the top gardening trends for 2012. But buying them pre-made can get expensive especially if you want more than one.  

Creating your own can be a lot less expensive and more fun. All you need is a few basic supplies that you may already have and a few of your favorite plants and you are ready to go. As you’ll see, you can use almost anything to create a pretty and easy diy terrarium. You can find a list of the best plants for terrariums here.

As for the glass part of the terrarium you have a several options:

#1 Buy a glass bell jar terrarium or a pretty glass apothecary jar

You can get the empty jars here and here. I’ve also seen them at Home Goods for around $10.

glass apothecary jar

apothecary jar terraniums





#2 Use a regular glass vase or other glass pieces you have on hand

Who would have thought? A cake stand or a teapot as a terrarium. I think I’m gonna start looking around my house… Something else that would make a great terrarium; is a bedside glass and carafe.

glass cake stand diy terraniumSource

diy Teapot TerrariumSource

#3 Make your terrarium from something recycled

At first glance you wouldn’t know it, but these adorable little guys are made from pickle jars. I would actually also paint the lids to make them look even better. Learn how to make them here.

glass jar diy terraniumSource

I love anything made with recycled light bulbs, everything looks so pretty inside the glass.  Check out the incredibly detailed tutorial here.

lightbulb diy terraniumSource

What a great use for a discarded lantern.

diy glass lamp terraniumSource

How cute are these? I would actually give them as gifts! They didn’t have a tutorial, but looks like all they did was take an empty soft drink bottle, cut it in half and placed it in a terracotta pot. You can add trinkets (like the heart) or even decorate the bottle tops with paint or craft paper.

diy plastic bottle terraniums


I’m already gathering supplies to make my own, come back tomorrow to see what I made.

Check it out here.



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  1. Thanks for this post…now is the perfect time to work on some of these since we are inside for winter, (tho we are having extremely warm weather and I am headed out to enjoy it soon!) I love them! have been collecting containers for some time just for the purpose and bought quite a number of the apothecary type ones for just 19* and 29*….$10 would buy a slew of those!-thanks for the reminder and the neat pics! (Since it isn’t really garage sale time here: thrift, second-hand stores are great places to find these very ‘cheap!’ and recycling drop offs. Ask friends to recycle those jars for you! FREE is best!)