DIY Squirrel Feeders

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Poor squirrels, I think they get a bad rap. They make all these squirrel proof bird feeders and some people even consider them pests. They like treats too!

I think they’re adorable, even though they do eat all the bird food we put out and dig holes in our plants to bury their food. They are always welcome in our garden, in fact we tend to get more visits from squirrels than we do from birds.

I caught this guy red-handed a while back. Yes, I’m talking to you buddy!

squirrel on bird feeder

Here are a few diy squirrel feeders I found that might be fun to make. Perfect timing too! They can fill up and save the leftovers for winter.

This one’s ingenious, one of those wish I would have thought of that things! One question. Are you supposed to cook the corn first?

corn and hook diy squirrel feeder


Ashley made this yummy diy squirrel feeder which looks pretty easy to make and good enough to eat. Not sure if the M&M’s are good for them, but I’m sure they’ll like them as much as we do.

DIY peanut squirrel feeder

This branch squirrel feeder has an ulterior motive, which is so cool. Hint it was made by Chris the Photog.

twig bird feeder

Ok, now we’re talking. Here are some for all you woodworkers out there.

Not only did Jamie make this adorable squirrel house for ‘Earl the Squirrel’ but she even remodelled it. You gotta check out the before and after.

earl's squirrel house

If you’ve got more sophisticated squirrels, who like to sit while they dine, maybe you need something like this.  I can see it now, a squirrel sitting down to eat with a napkin bib and a fork and knife. Too cute! Get the tutorial here.

diy squirrel_feeder_cafe

This one freaks me out a little. I feel like the squirrel could get stuck in there. But I guess if he can fit through that tiny hole on the side, he can fit in the bottle. And he can sit inside this bottle squirrel feeder for endless amounts of time and eating.

see through bottle squirrel feeder


DIY Squirrel Feeders — 2 Comments

  1. Hi Miss Jacky:
    I have to thank you for the feeder ideas for the squirrels and tell you I LOVE and feel bad for them too. I love watching how smart they are figuring out how to get to the seed!
    I moved to a tiny town here in the midwest a couple years ago and we have black squirrels. I’d never seen them before, they are just beautiful and friendly little critters!
    I look forward to receiving your e-mails. Thanks for all your hard work!
    Central Illinois

    • How strange a black squirrel, never seen one either. Thanks Sandi for your lovely comment, I appreciate it!