DIY Moroccan Stencil and Craft Closet Update

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painted diy moroccan stencil

I feel like all we did this weekend was paint, paint and paint some more. We painted all the shelving and walls of the closet. Even though we bought a paint with primer combo we still had to give the shelves three coats and the walls two. We just used the basic white paint right off the shelf in an eggshell finish.

I wanted to do something special to the walls of my craft closet but nothing too busy that would drive me nuts in that small space. I thought of a pretty wallpaper pattern like in the craft closet inspirations. Wallpaper can be really beautiful but also very expensive. So it would have to be painted on. There are a ton of beautiful examples of diy wallpaper online (which I’ll be showing you soon; UPDATE: check them out here).

My favorite is the diy Moroccan stencil pattern. I saw it used by Rachel on the Design Star white room challenge a few weeks ago and thought it looked amazing.

DIY Moroccan Stencil

I wanted to make them oversized and couldn’t find a store-bought stencil online that large. So I drew up my own diy Moroccan stencil on my computer and printed it out on four sheets of paper.

craft closet diy moroccan wall stencil

You can download the diy Moroccan stencil and print out the 4 pieces, here:

diy large Moroccan stencil 1

diy large Moroccan stencil 2

diy large Moroccan stencil 3

diy large Moroccan stencil 4

I stuck the four sheets together with tape and cut out the stencil  from an old piece of cardboard.

printing moroccan stencildiy moroccan stencilcardboard moroccan stencilI used the Moroccan stencil to trace the pattern on the wall and then filled in the lines with paint.

The color I chose was cherries jubilee from Glidden to match the color of my IKEA storage boxes (here). I had them mix up a tester (paint/primer in one) for $2.94 (which brings the total cost of the craft room so far to $73). It was enough for the whole closet and I had 1/3 left over, which I’ll be using for the floor.

The curves were easy enough but I found the straight lines weren’t coming out that straight. So I went back and tapped them up (wish I could have tapped the curved parts too).

I saw this tip for getting perfect tape lines on a blog a while ago, but I can’t remember the name of it for the life of me.  They said to place the tape and then paint over the edges with the wall base color (white in this case) to form a seal. Then when you paint over with the second color you won’t get any bleed through. Remove the tape while the paint is slightly wet.

Worked like a charm.

The center part I filled in with a small roller and tried to get as close as possible to the edges.

I did mess up a few times and just went back after and did a little touch up with the white paint.


Three coats later and I was officially finished.

craft closet with moroccan pattern

Next time I’ll show you how we installed the shelves

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DIY Moroccan Stencil and Craft Closet Update — 14 Comments

  1. That’s a brilliant tip about taping and top coating with the wall base color. Thank you!
    I look forward to seeing what the whole project looks like.

    • Thanks David. I wish I was that brilliant to come up with it,lol. Apperantly they use that technique in museums and galeries.

  2. How would you have taped off the round parts? So you’re essentially saying you wish you had a tape stencil, kind of, right? Just trying to figure out handy techniques!

    • Hey Kari, sorry for the late reply. I actually had no idea how I would have taped them off; the painter’s tape doesn’t curve and since I made the stencil out of paper, it would have made a mess if I taped that to the wall and tried to paint on top of it.

      As for techniques, I used a very small fine brush to carefully (and slowly) fill in the round edges. I had a wet paper towel handy so if I messed up I could quickly wipe away the paint from the wall and start again. What helped the most was using a small paint roller to fill in the middle part. I tried to get as close to the edges as possible and them filled in the rest to the edges with a medium artist paint brush. That saved me a lot time.

      Hope that helps 🙂