DIY Lawn Games Ideas

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Now that summer is here in full force, why not get outside and play some games. Lawn games to be exact. I found a few great ideas for diy lawn games that you can easily create yourself. And better yet they don’t take up too much space, so they’re perfect for small outdoor spaces.

Twister is so much fun, it was one of my favorites growing up. Here they created the lawn version for a fun birthday picnic party. As far as diy lawn games go, this is one of the easiest to make. Check out how to make it and all the other super cute party decorations at You Plus Me For Always.

twister diy lawn games

Jenga is such a nerve-racking game which must be ten fold for this giant version of the game. Get the instructions on how to make it at or you could buy the Giant Tumble Tower game.

lawn-jenga-1{via HGTV}

Here’s a Shishkaball Game, which I had never heard of till now. Looks like a different version of jenga using balls instead of wood blocks. Get the building instructions at This Old House, they even have a video tutorial.

diy lawn-games

Here’s a great idea for a classic game of lawn checkers. I couldn’t find a tutorial but you could easily make this by painting squares on a blanket and using red and blue plastic plates (the great part is that you won’t have to paint them).

checkers lawn game

{via Masterpiece Weddings photo by Mckolay Photo}

This giant scrabble game looks like so much fun. It’s actually made of concrete with painted squares. But if you want to make a less permanent version you could make it out of wood. Check out how they made this Backyard Scrabble game. I’ll let how they made the game pieces be a surprise.

diy lawn games backyard-scrabble-

Last but not least is the iconic game of lawn chess. Get instructions for building the ‘game board’ and the game pieces.

 diy lawn game chess


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  1. Great little post that has given me some new garden game ideas for my garden parties. I was at a wedding recently where they had Giant Jenga…it was great fun.