DIY Industrial Hanging Orb Light

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industrial hanging orb light

Ever since I saw this beautiful orb chandelier that Kristen at My Covered Bridge made, I was in love. In fact it’s been sitting on my DIY I must do Pinterest board since then. Just waiting it’s turn on my never-ending to do list.

I bought the hanging baskets at Home Depot months ago and was raring to go. Only problem was that we didn’t have an existing mini chandelier like Kristin did. We have a plain flush mounted ceiling light in our entry.

plain entry light

I’ve been searching for a cheap mini chandelier for months. In fact every time I go to a thrift store I hit the lighting section first. But no luck, they were all too big.

I put on my thinking cap and came up with the idea to just put a hanging bulb in there. Boy, if it were just that easy. Apparently no one sells a hanging bulb light kit that hardwires into the ceiling. Sure they have a million plug-in lamp kits at Home Depot and Lowes. But nothing for just a plain ol’ hanging bulb.

I finally struck gold the other day at Home Depot. I found a mini pendant light kit!

Industrial Hanging Orb Light


2 Rounded Hanging Garden baskets

Mini pendant lighting kit

Cool retro/vintage industrial bulb

Metallic spray paint (optional)

Here are the links to the exact stuff I bought at Home Depot (just in case you can’t find it in the store):

basket, light kit, bulb

hanging orb light supplies

First off, remove the chain and coconut liner that came with the baskets. Keep the chain though, you could use it for another project 🙂

This is optional (and after the fact I realized it wasn’t necessary) you can paint the basket to match the color of the pendant, which in our case is bronze. The color of the pendant is so dark and the basket wires are so thin that you can’t tell I even painted it.

Remove the clips, widen then up a bit and then re-attach to the basket. They will hold both baskets together.

orb lamp clips

The cord that comes in the light kit is super long, so your going to need to cut it to size

hanging pendant light kit

Not sure where this is supposed to hang, it almost reaches the floor. Maybe if you hang it from a two-story space?

pendant lighting cord is too long

We just cut the cord and exposed the wires how it came from the box. BTW, I’m keeping the extra cord just in case I ever want to hang it somewhere else. You know that design ADD gets the best of me sometimes.

adjusting pendant light cord

Now you’re ready to assemble your light and hang it up. I forgot to take a picture, but the basket rests on the pendant. In other words, the pendant head and lightbulb go inside the basket. So before installing it string the cord through the large hole in the middle of the top basket.

Remember to shut off the power before you remove your old fixture and while installing the new one.

Here’s a shot of the messy directory inside our electrical box. Switching the power off to that fixture was basically trial and error, cause nothing was how it was labelled.

electrical panel box

Here she is, my very own hanging orb light. It was definitely worth the wait.

industrial hanging orb light

hanging orb light

I love the shadow effect the basket creates on the ceiling…

orb light hanging

But my favorite part by far is the bulb. You can’t tell in the other photos, but this is how the vintage bulb looks. You can see the filaments, which is really cool! Gives it an industrial vibe.

vintage style bulb

industrial style foyer

Our entry way is finally coming along. Next up, the rug and the stairs.

new entry way

This project was on the pricier side (for me at least). Here’s the breakdown:

2 Hanging Garden baskets $14

Mini pendant lighting kit $15

Cool retro industrial bulb $9

Spray paint $0 (already had it)

Total Cost: $38


Not so bad, when you consider the cheapest plain hanging light fixture at H.D. is $30.

One last beauty shot for the road, couldn’t resist!

orb light pendant


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    • Thanks Britni. The best part was that it was easy to make, wish I would have done it sooner.

  1. Ok I love this! We are in the process of planning a major DIY kitchen reno and I have been swooning over lights from Barn Light Electric, but haven’t found one for above our dining room table…that and I cannot bring myself to pay that price, plus shipping from the US to Canada, sigh. This just might do the trick! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I love industrial lighting. We got a lamp with an edison bulb for my little guy’s nursery nightlight. Your fixture is perfect for the entryway.

  3. Great idea…….and nicely done! The light compliments the decor in your entry way perfectly.
    Thanks for sharing.


    • I remember seeing your light before. I really liked it and think it looks great in your nursery!

    • It would be good for a workroom. Though, I would not recommend this bulb, it doesn’t give much light. I just like it cause it’s pretty.