DIY Friday: ‘Thinking outside the box’ DIY outdoor lighting

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Since I love gardening and DIY, I thought I would start a new tradition at Small Garden Love. I’m going to call it DIY Fridays. It’ll give you some inspiration and get you started on your weekend gardening projects.

When It comes to outdoor lighting, the sky’s the limit. Why stick to only traditional outdoor lighting, when there are so many funky options out there. I think the perfect mix is to have all your basic outdoor lighting done with traditional garden lighting and add some DIY’ed stuff in for effect. Like this you will get a more unique and personal space. Besides, your friends & family will think you’re so creative and imaginative. I’ll bet you they’ll even ask you for tips.

As you will see, almost anything can be turned into outdoor lighting.

It’s fun to think outside the box!

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This rather pretty diy outdoor lighting was made solely by using stuff bought at the dollar store. You can make the shades using just about anything you can make a hole at the bottom of. They give you few different examples in the tutorial.

diy outdoor lanterns

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Mason jars make beautiful lights with such a soft glow, who knew? To make these diy mason jar yard lights they used; Ikea light sets, placed inside glass canning jars and attached them to an Ikea pot rack. If you can’t find that pot rack try this one: Wrought Iron Hanging Pot Rack .

I’m not sure the Ikea lights are waterproof plus the jars will probably fill with water when it rains. So this is probably a project more suited to be hung under a covered patio.

DIY Mason Jar Chandelier

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What a cool idea, using an olive oil dispenser from Ikea as an outdoor torch.

DIY ikea outdoor torch

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These are so subtle yet so unusual that they make such a bold statement. To make these just take a couple of old globe lights (or new, you can buy them at the hardware store for cheap) and some regular outdoor string lights.

glowing orb diy outdoor lighting

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Who said outdoor string lights had to be boring…and I love the look of hanging a few different styles together. Here they used mini lantern string lights followed by round glow solar string lights, umbrella shaped lights and some cute bird shaped string lights. If birds aren’t your thing, then you could use other animal shaped lights, like these dragonfly string lights

outdoor string lighting

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How adorable, I can imaging these diy outdoor string lights hanging at a baby shower or even a bridal shower. Just use the cupcake liners of your choice, basically whatever matches your decor. Cut two diagonal slits at the bottom of the liners using an X-ACTO Knife and insert them over some plain, low heat emitting outdoor string lights. It’s as simple as that!

Garden Party Lights

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Aren’t these diy outdoor chandeliers are just so pretty and imaginative? They use glass jars likt the diy mason jar yard lights above, but in a very different way.

The one on the right was made using two barrel hoops, some wire, chain and baby food jars. This is a great project if you have a baby. But if not you could always eat the baby food yourself (banana is my favorite).

The one on the right is a bit simpler to make. It just uses small yogurt jars (if you can’t find those just use some small canning jars) strung up to a  wire cooling rack with thin chain.

They used regular tree lights in these, but if you have a mosquito problem you could use citronella tea lights to keep them away.

You can see the video for how to make these on youtube: Garden Chandelier Green-It-Yourself Project 

glass chandeliers_together

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This diy outdoor wine bottle torch was made over at designsponge and adds such a touch of elegance to the back yard. It must be a sight to see at night. All you need is some empty wine bottles and hardware to set them up. Then just fill them with outdoor tiki torch fuel and you’re done.

bottle torch

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There are so many more easy and beautiful projects out there, I just can’t include them all here. But if you do a search for diy outdoor lighting on google or pinterest you should be able to find a lot more great ideas.

If you tried any of these let me know (in the comments below) and how it turned out.

I think I’m going to try the first one (dollar store one) out this weekend.

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