DIY Friday: Stylish Bird Feeders and Baths

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Attracting birds to your small garden is not very difficult as long as you have the right conditions in place. Basically birds need three things to feel welcome; food, water and shelter.

Food and water are easy enough to provide, but choosing a shelter that is not only functional but also pleasing to the eye can get expensive. If you don’t want to spend much money but don’t want to skimp on taste either, try making a cheap yet stylish DIY bird feeder and  bird bath.

Here’s a great modern diy bird feeder with simple lines and bright colored red roof. It provides the birds shelter from the rain and sun, while they are eating.

diy bird feeder


What a great way to recycle a bottle! This could be close to free, if you have some scrap wood lying around. Since it doesn’t have a roof, place it where it will be covered so the birdseed won’t get wet.

DIY Bird Feeder From A Recycled BottleSource

I love This diy bird feeder because it is just so simple and elegant. It looks completely store bought, but it’s basically made from a method soap bottle and a twig.

method bird feeder


Made with a couple of Ikea bamboo plates, this has an Asian flair about it. Would look great in a Japanese garden.



Changing out your old globe light fixtures? Don’t throw out the globes just yet, you can create a nifty little bird feeder. You can also pick these up a your local hardware store or thrift store for cheap. If you’ve got a bunch of these try making some outdoor globe lights with them also.

Without the bird food this may even work as a nesting enclosure. Just throw in some twine, twigs and hair (yes, I know it sounds gross but birds like it), to encourage them to nest.

Another great idea; use one as a bird feeder and the other two as succulent planters.

globe diy bird feeders


Love this gourd bird house (it actually looks like a pear to me, maybe it’s the green color).  Just hollow out a gourd and stick in a branch and you’re done.

diy-bird house-gourd


This sculptural minimalist diy bird bath would not only look great in a small garden but would also please even the most discerning bird. This was made with just some dowels and an Ikea candle plate (if you can’t get the Ikea plate, just use a large odd-shaped serving dish).

ikea diy bird bath


This was made for free by using materials that were already on hand; tree branches and a bowl. Can’t get any simpler than that.

diy bird bath


Aren’t these great, which is your favorite and which one are you going to try?



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DIY Friday: Stylish Bird Feeders and Baths — 4 Comments

  1. Hello from LBS tea party – love these ideas! Now feeling inspired to start raking though my cupboards for things to use in my garden.

  2. Love all of these. Always on the lookout for groovy bird feeders, and here they all are! Think I may have a go at the silver birch style bird bath with some apple tree branches that I have and also my try the recycled bottle feeder. Thought you might like this teapot bird nest at

    • Thanks for the link, that is such a great use for an old teapot, love it! If you make those and post it, drop me a link, i would love to see how they turn out.