Coffee Filter Paper Flowers

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While searching for spring images for Wednesday’s post I came across something very interesting (at least to me); faux coffee filter flowers. Sure I’ve seen plenty of faux tissue paper flowers in the past but they never looked very realistic and seemed kinda difficult to make. But these looked spectacular. I had no idea you could even make coffee filter flowers and that there were so many great tutorials online. I guess I’ve been living under a rock or something.

I love having flowers in the house but I think buying pre-cut flowers is a waste of money, I refuse to pay for something that’s going to die in a few days. I do think there’s nothing better than going outside, picking some flowers and putting them in a pretty vase. Unfortunately it gets pretty hot in our little garden and delicate flowers don’t survive very long, so that’s not really an option.

I really don’t like silk or dried flowers either, they just seem a bit grandma to me. Although, I do have some accidentally preserved hydrangeas from our wedding.

I say accidentally because I had some leftover flowers in a bucket of water. In the rush to leave for out honeymoon the next day, I forgot to throw them out. When we got home two weeks later the water had evaporated and the hydrangeas were perfectly preserved. I felt bad throwing them out so I kept them and put them in a vase.

Here they are in front of my Hubby’s antique maps, which I recently framed.

dried hydrangeas

So I realized the perfect solution to have flowers inside year round would be to make them. I’ve been wanting to make some paper flowers for a while now but could never find any that looked very realistic.

Until now….

Isn’t this just beautiful? I love how the flowers pour over the rustic pitcher. Carolyn did an amazing job with these coffee filter flowers, check out her tutorial here.

Coffee Filter flowers

This gorgeous arrangement was made by Aunt Peaches, she hand dyed all these beauties. Make sure to check out her tutorial.

Coffee Filter roses 1 copyright www_auntpeaches

Another amazing bouquet by Aunt Peaches (tutorial via Design Sponge).

diy coffee filter flowersIt’s really hard to believe that these aren’t real roses, the detail is amazing.  These are actually from a wedding site and the flowers in the tutorial are purple, but you can make them any color your like. See how to make them here.

diy coffee filter rosesSource

One of the Little Birdies created these stunning peonies. Check out Little Birdie Secrets to see how and to get a few more pretty placement ideas.

coffee filter flower dyed how to

If you’re more of a visual person, here’s a great step by step video.

Coffee Filter Flowers Tutorial from Rhonna Farrer on Vimeo.

One last great way to use these flowers. How pretty I wonder what’s in the bag?!! Find out here.

white peonies gift bag

Update: I liked these so much, I made coffee filter flowers of my own.

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