A Peek Inside: Cool Grays & Warm Woods

There is nothing not to like about this house. To me it seems like it’s perfect from inside and out. The Goodrich Residence by Chioco Design is a mix of cool tones of white and gray with rich warm natural woods. The use of color is kept to a minimum. Just a splash here and there in every room is sufficient to keep it from feeling cold and sterile.


A Peek Inside: Nature Meets Industrial Chic

Today I bring to you some of the amazing works of the Erin Martin Design group.

Ok, these people have the coolest website I’ve ever seen. Even if you’re not into what I’m showing, you should still check it out.

These rooms aren’t all from one single house, it’s a compilation of some of the rooms I found most interesting.


A Peek Inside: Rustic wood and Whites

Today I thought I’d share with you the beautiful San Anselmo Bungalow, a home designed by Jute Interiors. The whole philosophy behind their work is to create spaces that not only look but also feel natural and welcoming. “Jute composes livable spaces, punctuating them with uncommon accents and singular pieces”.