BH&G Fall Issue Mangled

It’s always a good day when I open the mailbox and I have a magazine waiting just for me. Oh, the joy! I do a happy dance all the way to the front door.

Well this time not so much. What did I get when I opened the mailbox and reached in? This…

The BH&G Fall issue mangled!

BH&G fall issue mangled

I mean, what the heck!! All these questions ran thru my head:

Were they playing catch with it at the post office and someone missed?

Did the mailman run my magazine over with his truck?

Does he hate fall or women’s magazines?

This is not the first time either. Last month’s issue got delivered on a rainy day. What did I discover when I did my happy dance towards the mailbox?

A sopping wet magazine with the rest of the mail (including one of my husband’s magazines) tucked nice, dry and warm & cozy inside. The nerve!

Well, once I got over it (which was pretty quick) took a gander inside. And found lots of pretties:

I love this kitchen! It’s so sleek, crisp and clean. The only part that I’m not liking is the lack of cabinet space. We have a wall of uppers and still don’t enough storage. But then again I’m a bit of a pack rat.

white modern kitchen

A super cool modern garden. We’re thinking about putting some pavers in back yard to increase the usable area and I think something like this would look amazing. Maybe alternate pavers with rocks?!

modern small garden

Some coupons, which are always welcome.

And now what you’ve been waiting for. Ahhh, the Fall stuff.

Those arrangements are to die for. As luck would have it, I just so happen to have three square vases left over from our wedding. Last year I got some fruit potpourri for Christmas that looks a lot like this one. Yep, it’s been out all year, need to dust it a bit and it’ll be good as new. And I know I have a basket somewhere.

All I need to get is some fall foliage. Since there’s none in Miami, I guess I’ll be hitting the dollar store tomorrow.

fall centerpiece

This also sparks some ideas. You’ll just have to wait till next week to see.

white vase with fall leaf decor

Hope you enjoyed the peek inside. Hopefully next month it’ll arrive in better shape.


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