Beautiful Garden Sheds

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Think your garden is too small for a garden shed or garden sheds are just too ugly to put in your beautiful small garden? Well think again. Take a look at these gorgeous yet fully functional small garden sheds.

Equipped with its own bird house and bird bath, love those cathedral windows on the side! Creates a kind of fairy tale garden with it’s rustic charm.

garden shed victorianSource

Jeez, I could live in this one! Looks like it’s used for potting, but it could easily double as a small guest house.

pretty garden shedSource

This house like garden shed just screams summer…With it’s front porch and picnic table near by.

garden shed shabby chic


This small garden shed is actually a chicken coop, but still loving it. The chickens even have lighting, how civilized!

Wanna see more fancy chicken coops?

garden shed rustic


All the small details make this shabby chic shed o’ so pretty. I would love to see what it looks like inside.

garden shed pretty


Forget about these garden sheds, I wish I had this inside my house!

garden shed hobby his and hers


Here’s a little french country number with chickens and all.

garden shed french country


Wow, that’s the prettiest and best organized tool garden shed I’ve ever seen.

garden shed colorful


Last but not least, this Frank Lloyd Wright style garden shed comes with lights and a fireplace. I could live there.

garden shed architectural


Some of these garden sheds are from BHG you can see more beautiful sheds here.

If you still haven’t gotten your fill of these beautiful garden sheds, you can see what seems like an endless supply on Mary Deckard’s Pinterest Board Garden Sheds

Here are some free resources for building your own small garden sheds.

Family Handyman DIY Shed Projects

Mother Earth News Easy DIY Garden Shed Plans

Sunset House plans (part of Sunset Magazine) has some plans you can buy. The price depends on the size, but they aren’t too expensive. I saw one for a 72 sq’ shed for $39.


Beautiful Garden Sheds — 12 Comments

  1. I daydream about fixing up my tool shed to be worthy of a magazine spread. I’ve made progress; I found some lost things when I straightened it.

    • Well, that’s always a good thing, lol. It would be wonderful to have such a beautiful shed, wouldn’t it? Our shed is more of a garbage can holder with a little bit of space left over for our gardening supplies, sigh.

  2. Nice and beautiful garden sheds. I like them all especially on the second picture from the top, I am inspired to make like that where I can also leave. Thanks for sharing, I promise to make like that second picture.

  3. Blog is absolutely fantastic! All great information can be helpful in some or the other way. Keep updating the blog,looking forward for more content.

  4. Thank you for featuring my garden studio (the second photo) on your website! My book LIFE ON MAR’S, A Four Season Garden details the evolution of my garden and the studio, and is available on Love being inspired by these others, too…Thank you.