What sort of price might you pay for a new bed?

The average adult should be getting between seven and nine hours sleep each night. If you do not have the right bed to sleep on you may find that getting this amount of sleep can be a problem. Arguably, the most important feature of a bed is the mattress. If your mattress is old and worn, or it is not providing you with enough support, sleeping well could be a real issue.

We are going to take a look at how much money you would be likely to spend if you decided to buy a new bed, and why investing in a new bed could be so important.

How much should you spend on a bed?

You may be thinking about buying a new bed, to help you get a better night’s sleep. If you are, then you may be curious as to how much money you are likely to spend on the bed. The answer to this question is that price you pay can vary a lot. Much of this depends on what you want from a bed. You could buy a bed frame from a store like Ikea for around AU$150 to AU$350.

This is not a great deal of money and this type of frame might be just what you want. However, it’s worth noting that you may benefit from a more supportive base and mattress. If you decide this is the case then you may find yourself shopping for products such as Sealy mattresses and bases which often retail for an average of AU$1,000 to AU$2,000.

The most important thing to remember, when you are buying a bed, is that you should always ensure you get what you are paying for. It may be fine paying AU$1,000 for instance, if the product you buy lasts for years and gives you the support you need to sleep well, in addition to potentially providing help with chronic pain issues.

Why changing your bed may be just what you need.

You can see that buying a new bed can be expensive. If you are having trouble affording a whole new bed you may want to check that you really need to do this. If what you really need is a newer, more supportive mattress you should check out these mattress topper comparisons instead.

You can save money and still get the extra support you are looking for. This support is one of the main reasons why buying a new bed is a good idea. Your current bed may feel quite comfortable but if it’s old and worn then your back could begin to suffer and you could find yourself having disturbed sleep.

The bottom line is that buying a new bed can have a major influence on how much sleep you get. You may want to consider paying a little more if the bed you buy helps you to have a comfortable night’s sleep.


DIY Industrial Hanging Orb Light

industrial hanging orb light

Ever since I saw this beautiful orb chandelier that Kristen at My Covered Bridge made, I was in love. In fact it’s been sitting on my DIY I must do Pinterest board since then. Just waiting it’s turn on my never-ending to do list.

I bought the hanging baskets at Home Depot months ago and was raring to go. Only problem was that we didn’t have an existing mini chandelier like Kristin did. We have a plain flush mounted ceiling light in our entry.

plain entry light

I’ve been searching for a cheap mini chandelier for months. In fact every time I go to a thrift store I hit the lighting section first. But no luck, they were all too big.

I put on my thinking cap and came up with the idea to just put a hanging bulb in there. Boy, if it were just that easy. Apparently no one sells a hanging bulb light kit that hardwires into the ceiling. Sure they have a million plug-in lamp kits at Home Depot and Lowes. But nothing for just a plain ol’ hanging bulb.

I finally struck gold the other day at Home Depot. I found a mini pendant light kit!

Industrial Hanging Orb Light


2 Rounded Hanging Garden baskets

Mini pendant lighting kit

Cool retro/vintage industrial bulb

Metallic spray paint (optional)

Here are the links to the exact stuff I bought at Home Depot (just in case you can’t find it in the store):

basket, light kit, bulb

hanging orb light supplies

First off, remove the chain and coconut liner that came with the baskets. Keep the chain though, you could use it for another project 🙂

This is optional (and after the fact I realized it wasn’t necessary) you can paint the basket to match the color of the pendant, which in our case is bronze. The color of the pendant is so dark and the basket wires are so thin that you can’t tell I even painted it.

Remove the clips, widen then up a bit and then re-attach to the basket. They will hold both baskets together.

orb lamp clips

The cord that comes in the light kit is super long, so your going to need to cut it to size

hanging pendant light kit

Not sure where this is supposed to hang, it almost reaches the floor. Maybe if you hang it from a two-story space?

pendant lighting cord is too long

We just cut the cord and exposed the wires how it came from the box. BTW, I’m keeping the extra cord just in case I ever want to hang it somewhere else. You know that design ADD gets the best of me sometimes.

adjusting pendant light cord

Now you’re ready to assemble your light and hang it up. I forgot to take a picture, but the basket rests on the pendant. In other words, the pendant head and lightbulb go inside the basket. So before installing it string the cord through the large hole in the middle of the top basket.

Remember to shut off the power before you remove your old fixture and while installing the new one.

Here’s a shot of the messy directory inside our electrical box. Switching the power off to that fixture was basically trial and error, cause nothing was how it was labelled.

electrical panel box

Here she is, my very own hanging orb light. It was definitely worth the wait.

industrial hanging orb light

hanging orb light

I love the shadow effect the basket creates on the ceiling…

orb light hanging

But my favorite part by far is the bulb. You can’t tell in the other photos, but this is how the vintage bulb looks. You can see the filaments, which is really cool! Gives it an industrial vibe.

vintage style bulb

industrial style foyer

Our entry way is finally coming along. Next up, the rug and the stairs.

new entry way

This project was on the pricier side (for me at least). Here’s the breakdown:

2 Hanging Garden baskets $14

Mini pendant lighting kit $15

Cool retro industrial bulb $9

Spray paint $0 (already had it)

Total Cost: $38


Not so bad, when you consider the cheapest plain hanging light fixture at H.D. is $30.

One last beauty shot for the road, couldn’t resist!

orb light pendant

Inexpensive Fall Decor Ideas

With our remodel at a standstill (hopefully it’ll get going again soon!), and the state of MESS in our home, I sadly probably won’t be decorating for fall this year. It would kinda be like putting lipstick on a pig. But that doesn’t mean I can’t still dream. I hit Pinterest in search of some (inexpensive, of course) fall décor ideas. Here are some that I would make if I had a space to put them in.

diy-falling-glitter -leaves-garland

diy-falling-glitter -leaves-garland


painted acorns

leaf mason jar candle holderleaf mason jar candle holder   

  diy chevron pumpkins

diy chevron pumpkins

diy birch bark candle diy birch bark candle

hanging acorn wreath

fall wreath with acrons


glittery acorns

dried orange and cinnamon ornaments

dried orange and cinnamon ornaments




Gourd candle holders

Enjoy your fall decorating!

Garden Fresh – Restoring Your Garden Back to Its Former Glory

If you’re lucky enough to own a garden, the chances are the winter has taken its toll on its appearance. But never fear: March represents an excellent opportunity to get your garden back in shape before the summer starts.

Sweep paths and surfaces

Really, you should be doing this regularly anyway. However, if you’ve neglected the superficial aspects of your garden over the winter, this is an excellent way to kick-start proceedings.

Trim hedges

This is another area of garden maintenance that can get away from you all too easily. The longer it’s left, the harder it gets. Could this be the year you invest in a proper set of hedge trimmers? Buying guides are easily accessible, with a number of manufacturers providing useful information online.

Andrea cutting the hedge, Aug.8/2008

Mulch ado about nothing

Using organic mulch is not only a good way of sprucing up your garden; it can also save weeding, improve the soil and make up for nutrients lost in the rainy season.

Clean and mend

If you’re planning to spend the summer eating outside, then it’s sensible to check the state of your garden furniture. If it’s been left exposed to the elements, some of it may need to be re-oiled, repainted or even replaced. While you’re at it, why not wash that greenhouse glass too?

Get planting

The best time to plant summer salad vegetables is about now, at the start of spring. If you fancy a salad of fresh garden-grown vegetables, it’s time to get going! Take your pick from tomatoes, cucumber, lettuce, basil, rocket and parsley.

Water features

It may well be the last thing on your list, but removing the leaves and debris that have accumulated over the winter can be extremely therapeutic. Like a number of the tasks outlined above, it’s a chance to squeeze in a little exercise too.

With these tips in mind, it won’t be long before your garden is back to looking its glorious, elegant best. Then you can sit back and take in the beauty. Just remember to keep on top of the maintenance.

Image by Andrea_44, used under Creative Commons license


Plans For The Master Bathroom

Ok, so I’ve been going back and forth on the style for the bath and I finally pinned something down. It’s basically a mix of a crisp and clean background (walls, floors and fixtures) with a few rustic/industrial touches thrown in. master bath boardI’ve already started gathering up some of this stuff…

1. I fell in love with this Barn Wall Urban Bronze Outdoor Wall Sconce at first sight. Best part is that I got them on sale! And they’re already sitting safe and sound in our bedroom.

This is sort of the vibe I’m going for, just a little more chic than rustic. You can check out my Pinterest Bathroom Board for more inspiration 🙂


2. The bathroom is fairly small and I want to keep feeling as light and airy as possible. So, I’m going with a light warm gray on the walls. Not this color exactly, but you get the picture.

3. I want the vanity to bring in a large part of the rustic factor into the room. I’m thinking of going with something like this sideboard. I’m having a really hard time finding something with similar bones that doesn’t break the bank. We might have to diy this one.

4.  The wire baskets are for under the bench. I got a couple the other day at Home Goods for a steal.

5. I am drooling over these sinks. I think they’ll totally help up the Chic factor. I already ordered them on Overstock. It was a package deal (sink, faucet and pop up drain), the best price I could find.

6. Ok, the shower wall tiles are making me lose sleep. The ones I’m showing here are basic faux marble porcelain tiles. I’ve searched locally and online and can’t find what I want (something inexpensive and larger than 3×6). So I’m thinking I may go in a different direction.

7. This one is up in the air also. It depends on what tile I get for the shower walls. I do have it narrowed down to two from a couple of local tile places. The one I’m showing is from Home Depot.

8. These beauties are the only tile I have so far. It’s a honed Carrara Penny tile for the shower floor.  And even though I splurged, this was the best deal I could find anywhere!

9. I’m thinking of adding a bit of darker gray in with some of the accessories or I may go with something more colorful. You can get these at Target.

10. There’s an empty space by the door when you enter the bathroom and I want to add in a small bench like this one from Ikea. I’m also really liking the coordinating shelving unit. I’m not sure yet if I want to get the set or diy the shelving unit with something more industrial.


11. When did hampers get so expensive? I’ve had mine for about 15 years (I’m embarrassed to say) and I had a bit of sticker shock when I started searching for a new one. I found this one here. It was actually a great price compared to all the other ones I saw online. But on my trip to Home Goods I ended up finding one that’s really close (except it’s round) and for half the price.

12. I’ve been wanting to stick a barn door somewhere in the house forever. And I finally found the perfect spot.

As you can see in the before plan, the bathroom is made up of two rooms. The vanity and linen closet in the first (which open up to the bedroom). And the toilet and tub are in the second tiny room. Which makes the whole bathroom feel claustrophobic. You pretty much just wanna do what you need to do and get out as fast as possible. master bathroom before The vanity also only has one sink and is smaller than standard so two people really can’t get ready at the same time without bumping into each other. The plan is to remove the center wall and make it one room, switch out the vanity for a two sink one, and replace the tub with a shower.  

We ended up losing our linen closet (long story), so I plan on adding as much storage around the room as possible with wall niches, wall hooks, baskets and shelving.

master bath

Well, that’ it for now. I’ll be back next with some progress picks…



Beginnings Of Our Master Bath Reno

I’ve been M.I.A. here at the blog for a while now, I think about a year. My little etsy shop has been keeping me busy and to be honest I haven’t done anything in the house (diy or otherwise) in all that time. Well, other than a couple of dressers I rehabbed for the master bedroom (which I’m not going to show yet cause I’m thinking of changing the color again!).

We have been doing a few things since the beginning of the year. We had our popcorn ceiling tested again (at a real lab this time) and it came back negative for asbestos!!! So we had someone take the whole thing down. First in the guest bedroom, hallway and then in the master bedroom. We also had them add another layer of insulation while they were at it and had an electrician put in recessed lights and a new ceiling fan in both rooms.

Here are a few pics of the process…


The guy used duct tape to hold up the old insulation overnight and this happened. It was a huge nasty mess!

IMG_7351-001Our new recessed lights…


I saved about $20 on each set by buying them at a local electrical supply place that our handyman told us about vs. buying them at HD. Here they are lighting up the new popcornless hallway. And the new insulation in the guest bedroom.


IMG_7356-001It is so wonderful to look up and see a smooth ceiling and actually having some light in those rooms is AMAZING!

In order to get the master done we had to relocate to the guest bedroom, which was a huge pain. So we decided (on a whim really) to go ahead and redo the entire room, bathroom closet and all before moving back.

The most important thing I didn’t take into account was how expensive a bathroom reno can get. $500 for a faucet? That’s insane. So I’m going to have to get really creative here so we don’t end up spending 10 grand on this bathroom. I’ve already found a few bargains shopping online and locally and plan to diy the rest, including most of the labor. Well, except for electrical and plumbing. Those we’ll be hiring out.

I’ve got an inspiration board in the works to keep me on track. It’s almost finished, I’ve just got a few more details to iron out. Until then, I’ll leave you with a sneak peak of some of the textures we plan on using.



In need of a little bathroom inspiration

So we’ve started tackling the upstairs little by little over the last few months. Just adding some lights and removing the popcorn ceiling. We moved into the guest bedroom and we’re now working on the master. Our initial plan was just to do a few cosmetic fixes for now and then tackle the bigger projects down the road. But moving to the other room was such a pain that we decided to finish the master completely before moving back.

Part of this plan was to perform a small facelift on our master bath; just replace the vanity, tub and wall tile. But we went a little nuts this past weekend and demo’d the entire bathroom. No plan in place as to how the room will be put back together of course, so now I’m scrambling to come up with a design. Our old bath was blah, cave like and stuck in the 70/80’s. All I know is that I want the opposite of that. Yep, that’s all I got so far. here’s plan of the before…


The vanity area is open to the bedroom and the tub and toilet were enclosed by a door making the whole thing pretty claustrophobic. I want it to be open and airy feeling, luckily removing the walls took care of that part. It feels a lot bigger already.

I’m also leaning towards making it a little glam. As far as the fixtures go, I think I’m going to get rid of the tub and replace it with a shower. Add a dual flush toilet and I definitely want a vanity with character. Some of these antique bathroom vanities are so cute and glam…I think the curvy legs are my favorite part.


Next, on to the tile and wall color. So many decisions to make, so little time!

How to remove paint from hardware

remove paint from hardware

Ok, so I finally got around to refinishing the new(ish) dressers we bought about 8 months ago. Where does the time go?! The hardware was not in great condition and they were a dark brass color. I wanted more of a gold.

old painted hardwareI looked online for an easy way to paint over them. But soon realized (by other’s trial and error) that I was going to have to remove the existing finish if I didn’t want them to start chipping after a while.

Most of the ways to do this involved using nasty chemical strippers of some sort of manual scrubbing (I don’t think so). I finally found this solution ; boil them in vinegar!

In the pot they went…

How to remove paint from hardware

Here are some tips:

  • Use an old stainless steel pot that you can throw away after (probably not a good idea to cook with this pot again since the paint could contain lead)
  • Open the windows and turn on the exhaust fan (boiling vinegar stinks!)
  • Try plain water if you can’t stand the vinegar (I didn’t try it, but it probably works just as well)

boil hardeware to remove old paint

I didn’t turn the heat down like it said, I just let it boil (I’m impatient what can I say). I left them in there for about 15 minutes and this is what happened…how to remove paint from hardware

remove paint from hardware

The old paint just feel right off, no scrubbing required. Some though, did have to go in for a second boil to remove the stubborn spots.

They will probably still have a little residue in the crevices, but you can brush that off with an old toothbrush.

easily remove paint from furniture hardware

There you go easy as pie 🙂


Souvenir Notecard Gallery Wall

I’ve been working on the ‘Project Gallery’, which right now I have to say looks awful. Please don’t look, it’s embarrassing! (Ok, you can look now, the new one is up and running!). And I realized that I never posted a tutorial on the guest bedroom souvenir notecard gallery wall. So here goes…

I love using pretty souvenir postcards and notecards as wall art. Not only are they inexpensive but they remind you of a great trip every time you look at them.

These notecards were extra special since I got them on our honeymoon, during a visit to Yosemite National Park. They’re different illustrations of some John Muir’s specimens, which he collected during his travels. History lesson time: “John Muir was one of the most influential preservationists in American history and has been called the Father of the National Park System.” (quoted from the notecards jacket.)

Anyway, I though they were beautiful and went with the guest bedroom’s nature theme. Here’s a secret, I actually bought them as a souvenir for a friend, fell in love and kept them for myself. Then gave them something else, Is that terrible?



It was pretty inexpensive and I still have four cards left for another project, or if I ever want to write a note (yeah, that’s not gonna happen).


I got some cheap (but awesome) frames at IKEA. The mat that they come with was way too big for the tiny notecards, so I filled the space with second mat. The images were all different sizes and were going to look strange with a one size fits all pre-cut mat. I was gonna need to get mats custom cut for each notecard.

I went to a local artist supply place (Pearl Art in Miami) that also does custom framing. They are way cheaper than Michaels and other framing places, plus they have so much cool art stuff that it’s just fun to go to. The six mats cost just under $12. They had to redo one they messed up and even threw it in for free!


I choose the blue to match with the room’s color scheme, add a bit of color to them and make the illustrations really stick out.



The tricky part was hanging them up. I used a laser level to get them at the same height across the wall. Unfortunately the laser only works horizontally, so matching them up vertically was the challenge. But after a few extra nail holes and much frustration I got them right. Well almost, they’re still a little wonky but they’re staying that way.

notecard gallery wall


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Magazine Christmas Tree

tree magazineHere’s a quick and easy project you can do in front of the tv. Take an old magazine you no longer want and turn it into a magazine Christmas tree.

Magazine Christmas Tree


Packing tape roll


Open the magazine to the back page and begin folding each page one by one using the steps below moving  towards the front page.

magazine tree step 1

magazine tree step 2You may need to adjust how much you fold in this part depending on how long and wide your magazine is.

magazine tree step 3magazine tree step 4

magazine tree step 5

The tree will begin forming on it’s own.

magazine tree

Keep going until you reach the front page. Then do the same thing with the front and back covers.

For the base I used a roll of packing tape with a ribbon wrapped around it. But you can use anything you already have as a base; candle stick, small cake stand. upside down martini glass, pretty gift box…

magazine treemagazine christmas tree

Linking up to some of these great parties:
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