Instant Print Discount – What Can You Use it for?

Discounts are a part of our daily lives that we simply can’t get enough of – being able to get something we desperately need at a cheaper price is something that is always guaranteed to make consumers happy. Even so, what can you use discount for when it’s for printing and designs? Instantprint, a well-known and respected printing company, is currently offering a 15% discount to all its customers. Upon initial inspection, you might naturally assume that this discount is only handy if you’re a business and/or company looking to create and distribute advertising material, such as flyers and leaflets. However, nothing could be further from the truth, you can also use your discount for more creative and inventive ideas, such as posters that your little ones can enjoy, or to decorate your house.

As you can see, there is quite a lot you can use your discount code for, but for now let’s focus on how helpful it is to have that code when you’re designing a flyer for your business, or an upcoming local event. If you’re not a designer or you lack creativity, it can be really hard to design and produce something that has all the natural flare you desire it to have.

Therefore, it’s always best to break down your ‘plan of attack’ to ensure you’ve got all the necessary information, which then means you can use Instant Prints wide library of designs and design a flyer that does exactly what you need it to. Remember, a flyer needs more than a simple headline, it needs relevant information down that draws the reader in, as reinforced by Design Shack. That being said, you need to make sure not to overdo it, after all, this is a flyer not a leaflet. Once you’ve got all the writing down, don’t worry about having to bullet point it all to make it concise; it’s all about balance and using them correctly. There is, of course, many other helpful tricks of the trade to ensure you design the best flyers you can, so you can click here to find out more.

On a different note, the idea of using Instant Print to create something artistic for your home is a good option, after all, not everyone will want to use these services solely for business. If you visit Spoonful, you can really see just how crafty you can become when it comes to designing something for your home. Furthermore, you also have the freedom to combine several images together to create something that is unique to you and only you. Pinterest is another good place to look if you want to see how you can spice up your bog-standard wall art.


Glitzy life in Essex

If there’s one thing that The Only Way is Essex has taught us it’s that people in Essex like to enjoy a bit of glitz and glamour. Ok, so it might also have taught us that they don’t often do it in a very stylish way, but at least they are trying.

Of course, the rest of the county is not really like the “reality” show but people in Essex do enjoy a bit of glitz. With everything from the cars, the shops and even the new builds in Essex designed with glamour in mind, you can be sure you’re getting the maximum glitz for your money.


You can’t underestimate the importance of a car to a glamorous lifestyle in Essex. In fact, some people are defined by their cars and spend huge amounts of money making them look as good as possible. With a fancy paint job, some new alloy wheels and a few other interior and exterior features, you can glam up your car in no time.


Many new developments in Essex are aimed at young professionals and young families, meaning they come with their fair share or glitz already. However, that’s not to say you can’t add a touch of personalised glam to your house with some stylish furniture and accessories. Make your home your own with some bold colours schemes, furniture and fabrics.

Social life

In Essex, going out is a big deal. People are really friendly and sociable, so making friends should be very easy. Whether it’s going for a few drinks at the weekend to the pub or hitting the newest club in town, Essex folk like to be seen dressed up and out and about.


 Also of huge importance in Essex, is the way in which you dress says a lot about you. Great emphasis is put on looking the part depending on the situation. Even going to the gym involves a careful choice of outfit; which gives you a great excuse to do a bit of shopping, another essential part of the Essex lifestyle.

Without doubt, Essex is a county that enjoys its glitzy and glamorous side, but it also doesn’t take itself too seriously. It’s all a bit of fun and about making life more interesting, and all done with good humour too, which you can’t always say about the glamorous life in other places.

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Creating a New Look for Your Home by Refurbishing Old Items

Have you ever considered refurbishing old items to create a new look for your home? Recycling used items of furniture isn’t just a way to save money; it is also a great technique to giving your home a makeover.

Creating a new look without spending too much can be done in two ways. Firstly, you can refurbish your old unwanted pieces; scour your home to find items which can be refurbished -you may find your countertop needs repainting, old couches need to be reupholstered, or some household items can be recycled to serve a whole new purpose. If you don’t have any pre-loved items lying around, you can find some by either looking on sites like Quicksales (view their site here –, or at your local thrift store – and do makeovers on these purchases.

Below are some household items you can consider for refurbishing.

Box springs

Having trouble sleeping? If your mattress springs are broken, you can still use the box springs to create a unique message board.  You’ll need to clean the mattress springs with soapy water and a wire brush. Next, protect the springs with a clear overcoat; your new message board is ready. Just use clothes pins to hold your messages up!

baby-bed-spring-message-board-1 (1)

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Have your countertops faded? Do they have scratches from all your hard work in the kitchen? You can even change your countertop’s appearance to look like granite!  Remove the stains using a mixture of water and baking soda. Cover the stain with the paste and let sit for a few hours. Wipe the mixture off the countertop with a paper towel and the stain should be gone.

A little creativity is needed to make your countertop look like it’s made of granite. The first step is to clean the surface with soapy water. Also, you need to cover areas that you won’t be painting. Use painter’s tape for this task. This way, you can avoid splotches of paint on the backsplash, faucets, sink, etc. Next, you’ll need to apply a primer, preferably the oil-based kind; and let it dry for about 4 hours. You may want to repaint it 3 or 4 times to get the required look. For a more realistic granite-looking countertop, observe what granite looks like. Using a sponge and dabbing motions, you can reproduce the granite patterns. When you’re satisfied with the pattern, protect the surface with acrylic polyurethane topcoats.

Old vases

Do you have old vases that are just taking space in your kitchen cupboard? Why not turn them into lamps? You just need your power drill, glass or ceramic cutting drill bit, lampshade, epoxy glue, light bulb, and a lamp kit. Once you have all the items ready, you can just follow the simple instructions found in the lamp kit and you will have a one-of-a-kind lamp. On the other hand, you can also turn lamps into vases if you’re looking for other DIY projects.

Refurbishing has its benefits. Not only can you save money, you can also create new household items to add to your home’s new look. In addition, you will also help save the planet’s resources when you recycle old items into new ones!

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