Crowdsourcing: Not Just for Raising Money

Surely by now you’ve heard of crowdsourcing as a way to tap into the collective intelligence of a group of people. Historically, crowdsourcing has primarily been used for financial benefits, like when a group of people decide to collectively invest a larger sum of money into a product or project in order to gain a return on their money. But now crowdsourcing is also being used to take advantage of the collective savvy, and opinion, of the public at large. This is what the luxury home design company, Surge Homes, has done in order to make sure their design ideas … Continue reading

A Well Cared-for Garden or a Neat Designed Garden? Take a Call!

People try very hard when smartening up their homes in a bid to sell them off. Sprucing up the garden does help- but you might not want to go over the top with it. Granted, buyers do like to have ample outdoor space, but they normally do not enjoy a garden that warrants high maintenance. Yes, they might look flatteringly at your lawns, borders, the hot and dry spots and the trimmed hedges, but the very idea of estimating the maintenance cost and effort will put them off. Every square metre of your garden is going to add great value … Continue reading

Garden Fresh – Restoring Your Garden Back to Its Former Glory

If you’re lucky enough to own a garden, the chances are the winter has taken its toll on its appearance. But never fear: March represents an excellent opportunity to get your garden back in shape before the summer starts. Sweep paths and surfaces Really, you should be doing this regularly anyway. However, if you’ve neglected the superficial aspects of your garden over the winter, this is an excellent way to kick-start proceedings. Trim hedges This is another area of garden maintenance that can get away from you all too easily. The longer it’s left, the harder it gets. Could this be the … Continue reading